Termite Treatments

All homeowners should consider checking their property for termites at the very least once a year, more often if possible. These regular termite checks, either on your own or by a professional pest controller, will ensure any white ants you find eating away at your house, will not have been there for long. This also makes any termite treatment much easier and the damage caused will be minimised. You can also provide your local pest controller with an accurate time the termite nest may have existed.


If you do not carry out these regular checks, you will not know how long you have had active termites on your property until you get a pest treatment or termite treatment company to inspect the damage.


If you do find an active colony, it is very important that you contact a local pest treatment company that specialises in termite control. JM Pest Management, a leader in Brisbane pest control, will provide you with the most thorough termite inspection available in Brisbane, Tamborine, Jimboomba, Beaudesert, Logan and surrounding areas.


If any active termite colonies are found during this check, JM Pest Managements' effective treatments will rid your house of these destructive pests. All termite treatments carry a guarantee of up to six years.


What do I do if I find a termite colony around my home?

If you find termites in or around your home, stop what you are doing and try not to disturb the colony any further. You need to contain the affected area as much as possible. If you have uncovered an active termite colony, cover it as best as you can with cardboard, newspaper or anything that will stop natural light getting into the nest and limit air flow.


Do not use insect spray or other chemical treatments as this may actually make the situation worse.


Contact us immediately!


How To Best Deal With A Termite Nest

If you have discovered a termite nest please do the following:

  1. Do not disturb the nest any further.
  2. Cover the white ants nest as best as you can.
  3. Do not use sprays or pesticides you may have at home.
  4. Call 0409 997910 and ask for an urgent termite treatment.

JM Pest Management offers quality termite treatments to Brisbane and surrounding areas that actually work.


Contact us for your termite treatment in Brisbane and surrounding areas today.