Ant control - guaranteed!

JM Pest Management Brisbane specialise in ant pest control and ant removal.


Had enough of ants taking over your house and yard or maybe biting the kids and you in the garden?

At JM Pest Management we take a different approach to the control of ants.

Ants are social insects that form colonies. By using a combination of baits and sprays we target the ant colonies rather than using a repellent type of spray which will only kill the ants in the spray zone.

JM Pest Management will give a 6 month warranty on any ant treatment but many of our customers are saying that they haven’t seen ants for at least 12 months.

Get Rid Of Ants
If ants are invading your home, JM Pest Management will get rid of them today. For complete ant control, book a pest control service today.


Ant treatment includes

  • Inspection of the yard for any nests or problem areas.
  • A thorough spray to the house perimeter and garden edging, paths, retaining walls.
  • Internal skirting spray.
  • Placement of baits e.g on window sills etc.


Termidor ant treatment + baiting - $185.00 *
*based on average sized house. Larger houses and acreage properties may cost more.