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Pest Control in your Brisbane home

home pest control brisbane JM Pest Management offers a wide range of home pest control services to Brisbane, Beaudesert, Logan, Jimboomba and surrounding areas.

Pests can live in your home without you even knowing. That's why professional home pest control in Brisbane is so vital to help protect your home.


Get Rid Of Pests
If pests are invading your home, JM Pest Management will get rid of them today. For ant control, flea control, cockroach control, termite control and any other type of household pest, book a pest control service today.

Home Pest Control Services

Pests pose a threat to your home and your family's health so it's vital to use a home pest control expert for your home pest control service in Brisbane. We use products that are safe for you and your family as well as your home.

We provide professional treatments for:

termite pest control brisbaneTermite control - There are many species of termite in Australia but it is the Subterranean termite that are the most destructive to our homes. Termites usually cause most of their damage out of sight so regular termite inspections are a must!

ant pest control brisbaneAnt control - Ants can be serious pests in the Brisbane home. Not only can some species of ant sting quite severely, ants can also cause damage to plants. They usually find their way into the home on the hunt for food.

cockroach pest control brisbaneCockroach control - Cockroaches are prevalent all year round. Cockroaches can enter your home with you (eg: on your laundry) or they might just wander in. Once they're in, they make themselves at home, breed quickly and spread germs.

flea pest control brisbaneFlea control - Fleas commonly enter the Brisbane household on your dog or cat. They feed on human blood through small bites.

silverfish -  general pestsSilverfish control - Silverfish feed on materials in the home such as paper and photographs. They are more common in areas with humid conditions like Brisbane.

spiders -  general pestsSpiders control - Brisbane is home to a vast number of spider species, many of which are poisonous.

rodent pest control brisbaneRodent control - Rodents such as rats and mice are quick breeders and prolific spreaders of disease. Our home pest control service can quickly eradicate rodents.

wasp pest control brisbaneWasp control -Wasps will protect their nests with a painful sting. So if you detect a nest, stay well clear and call our home pest control service immediately.


home pest control brisbane warranty
Most domestic pest control services come with a 12-month warranty, giving Brisbane, Logn, Jimboomba, and Beaudesert residents peace of mind.




Pest Control Testimonial

Becoming aware of a termite problem in my house, I looked through the local business directory and found JM Pest Management with a few others.

Only two had web sites, JM was one of them and the info from there enabled me to do some further research into Termidor and how effective it was in eliminating termites.

I phoned John and was impressed with his professional manner and knowledge. He had up-to-date detection equpment which he used to find active areas in skirting boards and door jambs, etc. He treated the known activity in the house and surrounds and returned later to install a Termidor barrier around the entire house.

The soil removed was replaced with sand to enable deep penetration of the barrier and pavers that were lifted in the process were replaced effectively. Effective pest treatment is not cheap.....but how much is your house worth to you?

Bill Hall

Bill Hall Cedar Vale