Building and Pest Inspections


One call does it all! Phone 0409 997910 and we will organise your Brisbane building and pest inspections and even your pool inspection.


How much is total peace of mind worth to you?

Unlike other cheaper companies, we do not use just one person to do both inspections. You get a thorough inspection by people who are specialists in their field.


Our building and pest inspections are just that - a building inspection by a qualified building inspector AND a pest inspection by a qualified pest inspector.

We are totally independant inspectors and have no affiliations with any real estate agents. Most of our work comes from word of mouth or other recommendations from satisfied customers.


The actual cost of a building and pest inspection depends on the size and type of property that is to be inspected. Please contact us for a fixed price quote.


JM Pest management covers all Brisbane suburbs including Tamborine, Jimboomba, Beaudesert and Logan. We specialise in pest inspections and termite inspections.


A pre-purchase building and pest inspection is one of the most important inspections to be carried out before settling on your property. But it is a step many choose to leave out and, unfortunately, this often becomes a very costly decision.


Contact JM Pest Management today either by phone on 0409 997910 or via our contact page to organise all your building and pest inspection services at the one place.


We respond to all enquiries promptly.


How much is total peace of mind worth to you? We think its exactly what we charge.


Building Inspections

The building inspectors we recommend are considered to carry out the most comprehensive and detailed reports in Brisbane and surrounding areas.


Why use 2 inspectors instead of 1

  • Each building and pest inspector is specialised in their own area and spend a lot of time researching their different fields.
  • 4 Sets of eyes are better than 2 with the building and pest inspectors bouncing off each other to give a more comprehensive inspection and report.

What does a pre-purchase pest inspection involve?

A pre-purchase pest inspection involves a very thorough inspection both inside (including the roof space) and outside the property. A number of techniques are used to detect a termite infestation, including equipment that detects movement and moisture changes in the walls. The pre purchase pest inspection also covers borers, fungal decay and conditions conducive to timber pest attack e.g. high moisture content, timber in direct contact with the ground, poor drainage and leaking plumbing - all important areas for Brisbane home owners.

The Report

Our very detailed inspection reports are customised for your property and come complete with high quality photos. We don't use "tick and flick" forms. Reports are emailed to you within 24 hrs of completion.

After the inspection

The building and pest inspector will complete a tour around the property with the client to discuss any issues with the inspection.


Your next move

Before you book your building and pest inspection, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do I want a thorough, professional inspection?
  • Is the investment in my new home worth a lot to me?
  • Will the savings I get using a cheaper building and pest inspection company disappear in future repairs?

If you answered yes to all those questions, then call us today so we can help you secure your investment in your future.